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STEP 8-Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.

I used to over-complicate the first part of the Eighth Step.  In making the list called for in Step 8, I can simply use my 4th Step inventory to determine the names, places, and institutions to whom I need to make amends.  My first sponsor told me to always hold onto my 4th Step inventory until Step 8, and I share this suggestion with the people I sponsor. 

The second part of Step 8 is the spiritual challenge.  I am asked to become willing to make amends to ALL the people on my list, even the ones whom I haven’t yet forgiven for their transgressions.  I became stuck on Step 8 several times until I realized that I only have to be willing to make sincere amends for MY part of the conflict or unhappiness in a relationship.

I had not totally forgiven someone on my Step 8 list and I began to doubt whether I would ever be willing to make amends to them.  However, I became aware that my resistance could have dire consequences for my continued recovery.  In prayer and in discussions with a sponsor and OA buddies, I realized that I was becoming willing to make amends for my part in our problems. “If we haven’t the will to do this, we ask until it comes”(AA Big Book, 3rd edition, p.76).  Forgiveness was not necessary for me at this point; I was willing to “clean up my side of the street”.  This action helped me to begin a process that ultimately resulted in my ability to forgive the other person.

The 12 Steps work when I work them!

TRADITION 8-Overeaters Anonymous should remain forever nonprofessional, but our service center may employ special workers.

The principle of Tradition 8 is Fellowship.  I am one among many who has come into the rooms of OA to recover.  I need a fellowship to continue to be free of my ego and to enjoy the daily reprieve from compulsive eating.  Tradition 8 reminds me that I have a responsibility to share my experience, strength and hope with people in OA.  It also reminds me that I am not here to fix, save, control, or change people.  After all, how well did it work when I tried to “fix” myself by myself?  Even if I have professional abilities, OA’s tradition of non-professionalism places boundaries of safety in meetings so that no one is treated as an “expert”, only another trusted servant sharing what worked for them.

Neill M.
Region 8 Twelfth Step Within Committee

Dear Region 8 OA

It’s the 12th of April and as usual, the Twelfth Step Within (TSW) Committee reaches out on this day. What a challenge this last month or so has been for all of us! As a member of the TSW committee I see how it’s all the more important to reach out to each other by text, email or phone especially with most face-to-face meetings cancelled. Since this is a “WE program” and I don’t get better by myself, utilizing our online and phone meetings has been critical to maintaining my program and my abstinence. My home meeting uses a conference call format and we’ve been able to continue our regular meetings that way. Maintaining my own absence, especially during this stressful time is the best way thing I can do for myself and fellow Compulsive Overeaters. Continuing to share and hearing others experience strength and hope, has carried me through the recent necessary physical isolation. Maintaining contact with my Sponsor and Sponsees has also been critical.  

What about you? How can you maintain your program/abstinence AND reach out during these stressful times? Here are some ideas:  

— Bulk up with online resources on the World Service (WSO) and    Region 8 websites 

— Take the time to reach out to all your group members especially those who may be struggling… 

— Use this “downtime” to write articles for OA

— Double down on your OWN program work

— Consider using ALL the Tools (for a change) 

Here’s what I know- Each time I take steps forward in my own recovery, it pulls the entire group forward. Then when I reach out to others it comes back to help me as well. This repeats over and over again in a complete circle of recovery.  

Take care of yourselves during this time and let’s come out on the other end stronger in our recovery than we were before…  

OA hugs from the TSW Committee

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