7th Tradition

Ways to donate to Piedmont Intergroup:

Questions? Email treasurer@piedmontintergroup.org.

Write a check to Piedmont Intergroup and mail it to the address below. *Note the group(s) you normally attend.

424 Beaumont Ave, Apt. 4, Charlotte, NC 28204

Online Donation Instructions using Venmo:

1 – Download the FREE Venmo app on your PC, Tablet, or Mobile device.  Note: Venmo charges fees depending on how it is used. Some transactions are free and some charge a % of the transaction. You can make a donations using a credit card or a debit card from any bank account and fees may apply.

Click link below for directions to download and setup:


2 – Click top right hand corner of app to make a payment, then search for @piedmontintergroup in your Venmo App search bar, then click “search”. 

3 – Select Piedmont Intergroup 

4 – Send 7th Tradition Donation