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I just came back from the World Service Business Conference, which had the theme of Growing our Membership Worldwide.  We had several workshops which focused on attracting new members.  As we know, God works in mysterious ways.  I had the opportunity twice this past week-going and coming to the conference, to speak about OA and had very different experiences with each.

On the way to Albuquerque, I was seated next to an obese woman.  It was very sad to me-she needed the dreaded seatbelt extender and used part of my seat.  I thought maybe she was going to the conference.  I asked her if Albuquerque was her final destination (thinking that would be my clue if she was one of us).  She said no she was going on to Sante Fe to visit a friend and asked me why I was flying there.  So, the door was opened and I said I was going to the World Service Business Conference for Overeaters Anonymous-OA.  She said she had tried that years ago but it wasn’t for her.   I said I understood, but was very grateful that it worked for me.  She didn’t seem to want to know more so I let it go.

On my return flight home, I was super fired up from all the wonderful things I heard and people I met from all around the world!  A lady was seated next to me and we got to talking. She introduced me to her 3 daughters who were all near us and said they had gone to Albuquerque to visit a dieing relative.  She asked why I was there, and of course I told her. She said she is currently on Weight Watchers, but had heard about OA and wanted to know about it.  I gave more than my 15 minute elevator spiel, now that I know what that is!  We talked for at least 15 minutes-her asking questions and me doing the best to answer.  She lives on a farm and probably wouldn’t have any meetings close by so I told her about virtual meetings, which I now know a little about.  Before the conference I had no idea that besides the phone meetings, we have zoom meetings, on-line meetings, facebook page meetings-real and non-real time!  She was so excited!  She asked for my number and I really hope and think I’ll hear from her. 

Anyhow, God puts people in our lives for a reason-it may be for a moment, or it may be for a lifetime, but I’m grateful for these opportunities to carry the message.

Susan W –Charlotte/Piedmont Intergroup

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