Ways to donate to Piedmont Intergroup: – Questions email

Write a check to Piedmont Intergroup , Include the group you normally attend and mail the check to 

424 Beaumont Ave., Apt. 4, Charlotte, NC 28204      

Online Donation Instructions using Venmo

1. Download the FREE Venmo app on your PC, Tablet, or Mobile device.  Note: Venmo charges fees depending on how it is used. Some transactions are free and some charge a % of the transaction. You can make a donations using a credit card or a debit card from any bank account and fees may apply.

Click link below for directions to download and setup:

Step 2: Click top right hand corner of app to make a payment, then search for @piedmontintergroup in your Venmo App search bar, then click “search”. 

Step 3: Select Piedmont Intergroup 

Step 4: Send 7th Tradition Donation