2018 Summer Social Joyful!

I enjoyed the Summer Social so much!! We had a great turn out from people all over North Carolina especially our wonderful speaker from Greensboro and people from Raleigh, Hickory and Winston Salem. I enjoyed being in the skit. The silent auction was a great success as well as the rummage sale. Quite a few services were bid upon and there were many happy winners. There was a good spirit that permeated the social. Everyone seemed happy to be there. Thanks to the people for pulling everything together and making the social such a very special day!

Lynn M. Charlotte.

I so appreciated the opportunity to get to know people in new ways – rehearsing, improvising and casting people for a skit for us, by us.  What a talented group we are!  It was also so nice to meet with the 2nd annual NC OA State Convention committee after the summer social at an abstinent lunch.

Alice Charlotte


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