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2018 Intergroup Approved Budget

Piedmont InterGroup
2018 Budget
$ 808 Balance Forwarded 2016
+1833 Total Income 2017 (Group Donations 1440 / Event Income 393)
-1706 Total Expenses 2017
$ 935 Balance Forwarded to 2018
400 Prudent Reserve
535 Discretionary
2018 Budget Plan:
Double the 2017 budget ($3700) in order to….
a) continue current services (ReachLine, Website, Local Events, SOAR/WSO Contributions);
b) send representative to SOAR in April and October ($800);
c) send delegate to WSO ($500); and
d) provide rent and office supply expenses ($200).
By reducing expenses, increasing donations, and raising $1000:
a) Converting ReachLine expense from $480/year to $35/year with MagicJack; [Richard/Dominic by 02/10/18]
b) Change bank statement fee from $4/month to $0/month by deleting check image on back of statements, something available for free from online banking saves $48 per year; [Richard by 01/16/18]
c) Asking for 7th Tradition donation at Intergroup to cover our meeting expense of rent, office supplies, etc. If we have 5 to 8 people make $3 donation per month, the result of $300/year covers our expenses. [Completed 01/13/18]
d) Promoting OA Suggestion of $3 donations at meetings and working with individual group treasurers to consider prudent reserves and forwarding remaining funds to Intergroup where funds will be distributed between IG 60%/SOAR 10%/WSO 30% as suggested by WSO. Could increase donations as much as $500. [Richard by 02/10/18]
e) Charge Fundraising Committee (Alice, Gracia, Dominic, Shannon) with presenting IG with fund raising ideas by 02/10/18. [Richard by 01/16/18]
January 13, 2018: Budget approved by Intergroup with “substantial majority vote” (7 pro, 1 con)
Budget Committee:
Richard, Chair
Susan W.